About Us:

Prelude: The Empire of goodness is always built up on a strong foundation. The management of Royal Education Society, in the year 2014, with the sole aim of spreading education and enlightening others, laid the foundation for Sharada International School. It is an institution backed by a vast experience in educational administration and reverence for the Mission of Education. It is an English medium progressive co-educational senior secondary school, a perfect place to develop the heart, mind and soul of a child.

Sharada International School is one of the very few school in the India and no exaggeration, in the world that is seriously concerned about the future generation of this globe, Sharada International School is spreading its arms into the people level as well, understanding the necessity of quality education right at the root level.

Our focus continues to be the student, and we are determined to keep it that way. Sharada International School is bounded to make a difference in the education sector and this will continue to be our Mission based on the noble vision perceived by our founders.At Sharada International School, we believe every child is different and is gifted with a special talent. We are here to identify the talent, encourage it and sculpt the child�s future accordingly, giving them complete support to grow enormously to great heights. Sharada International School is passionate about imparting education that innovative, refreshing, analytical and success-oriented too.

Every teacher at Sharada International School is passionate about teaching and they are Inspiring Gurus of the wards at Sharada International School. Infrastructure at Sharada International School is not just outstanding, but also meets and surpasses all the standards of international schools. In addition to the above, A bombarding combo of ably-guided support system with regards to child centric teaching curriculum infrastructure, the best trainers and educationists along with a team of Sharada International School offers a huge potential for growth and success .

Students armed with the knowledge of quality education will make this world a better place for themselves and for the others. The Royal Education Society is trying to create a place for itself in the Global Village.

"Sharada International School aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future"

  • To fulfill the vision, the SIS provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential.

    The SIS must maintain
  • a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In particular, it must attain the highest academic standard.
  • Provide best possible education to our students.
  • Develop the skilled human resource.
  • Enhance initiatives of students.


Our goal is to provide a value-based education which is a blend of modern curriculum and Indian traditions.

    Our aim is to:
  • To enhance the all-around development of children
  • Present to the society balanced, healthy, positive, perceptive, ethical & patriotic individuals.
  • Master your will power, Success will knock at your door!