Why to choose Sharada International School, Latur.

At Sharada International School, we believe that every child is unique and is gifted with special talents, they just required a pinch of attention and abundant encouragement to unleash the versatility in them . At Sharada International School we adopt mixed curriculum along with a play way practical teaching methodology to ameliorate and empower the children with knowledge which is globally accepted yet locally relevant. The curriculum Sharada International School provides is truly world-class that carves the child’s cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development that is necessary for their age.

Sharada International School creates a sustainable environment that motivates and stimulates every child to think innovatively , make the right choices, accept the truth and many other cognitive and emotional issues. Children are walking with question bank . They try to imitate their surrounding. Understanding innate nature of child’s, through various studies and researches, at Sharada International School have developed a unique curriculum that continually supports and enhances the child’s learning experience.

Empower with qualified and highly efficient staff with ably-structure interiors and exteriors, Sharada International School is proud to make the efficient future of the society.

This is where we are looking for highly motivated, dedicated, success oriented and committed entrepreneurs with a passion for education.